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Costs of Inefficient Communication

October 15, 2015

When ideas or instructions are miscommunicated, there is a potential for substantial monetary loss to the company.  Perhaps these are small losses that will add up over a period of time or they are major losses that happen as a direct result of one miscommunication.    

Let’s look at a few examples:

First, suppose you have a team working on a project.  Since the project is very complex, meetings take place three times a week.  If communication barriers cause these meetings to last twice as long as they should, time is wasted.  And, everyone knows  –  “Time is Money!”  

Next, think about an employee who is highly qualified and who has extensive knowledge of the company’s operational system, however, is passed over for a promotional position because of a communication barrier. The costs to the company are tremendous to recruit and retrain someone from the outside when this ideal internal candidate could be trained to improve his/her communication effectiveness.  

Some miscommunications could have a major monetary impact.  In the medical field, lives are at stake and communication needs to be clear and concise 100% of the time.  With the litigious society that we live in, one miscommunication could cost millions of dollars in damages.  Or, even worse, it could cost someone their life.      

What is the Solution?

Foreign accent communication barriers are frustrating to the individual who speaks English as a second language as well as their listener.  Many people do not know where to turn for help.  Speech Advantage can assist ESL speakers to improve their spoken English skills with our Accent Freedom software.    With dedication to class attendance and outside practice, improvement can be noticed within just a few short weeks.  

Most of these employees are extremely intelligent and highly educated.  They have taken years of English classes but it is their English pronunciation that is holding them back.  In our experience, most participants are grateful to their employers for offering accent modification training to their employees.  They know that the employer is investing in them and value their insights.  Employees know they are more apt to move up the corporate ladder with improved communication skills.  

So, contact Speech Advantage so we can help you reduce miscommunications and save your company money while investing in your most valuable assets –  your employees!

Because how you say it says a lot…

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