Costs of Inefficient Communication

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When ideas or instructions are miscommunicated, there is a potential for substantial monetary loss to the company.  Perhaps these are small losses that will add up over a period of time or they are major losses that happen as a direct result of one miscommunication.     Let’s look at a few examples: First, suppose you have a team working on ... Read More

International On-Site Intensive- Taiwan

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Our founder and owner, Barb Christensen, and her husband traveled to Taipei, Taiwan to work with a corporate client. The six participants utilized a group intensive training model followed by individual virtual sessions.

Conquering Communication Barriers Leads to Corporate Benefits

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Effective Communication is key in today’s fast paced global marketplace.  When more attention is paid to HOW something is said versus WHAT is said, communication is not efficient or effective.  Communication begins at the individual level.  Difficulty communicating can cause great frustration, reduced self-esteem, and thus reduced employee potential.  When these speech and language barriers are addressed and broken down, ... Read More


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With over 60 million ESL (English as a Second Language) speakers in the U.S. today, most people interact with individuals who speak English as their second (or possibly third!) language multiple times a day. As the world continues to become more global, these numbers are only increasing. First impressions are formed within the first three seconds of meeting someone. Impressions ... Read More