What is Accent Freedom®?

Accent Freedom® is an in-depth accent reduction (sometimes called accent modification or accent neutralization) software package. It was designed for individuals who speak English as their second language who wish to speak more efficiently and effectively in English by reducing their accents. Please note that this is not an ESL (English as a Second Language) curriculum that teaches vocabulary and grammar; it was written for professionals who already speak English at a moderate to advanced conversational level to improve their Standard American English pronunciation. The platform can be used as Self-Study or Instructor-Led.

Who can benefit from using Accent Freedom®?

Non-native English speakers from all professions and language backgrounds can benefit from this program. Due to the online platform, there are no geographic limitations to use this program and/or take part in this training. Professionals living in all parts of the world can take advantage of this helpful tool whether you choose self-study or instructor-led.

What is a “language specific” course?

Language specific courses are courses that are tailored to speakers of a specific native language. For example, native Spanish speakers would have very different problem areas than a native Mandarin speaker. Streamlining your practice so you work on only the lessons that are pertinent to your particular needs saves you time.

Accent Freedom Can Help!

Features of Accent Freedom®

  • Over 5,000 embedded audios to learn correct pronunciation of professional English vocabulary and sentences

  • Individual descriptions to easily produce each American English consonant and vowel sound – incudes tips and simple tricks to correct common errors

  • Supplemental materials including pronunciation of US cities/states, numbers, contractions, common American names, a detailed vowel grid for studying and comparing vowel sounds, tips for communicating in different situations, and much much more! (Available with customized plans only.)

  • Customized lesson plans for the Instructor Led programs and language specific lesson plans for the Self Study programs help streamline practice sessions – saving you valuable time

  • Six lessons per consonant and vowel sound working in an easy to follow progression to gain confidence as you learn

  • Ability to record directly on the Accent Freedom® website to compare students’ pronunciation to instructor’s pronunciation

  • Guided Self Study and Instructor Led programs also include the ability to upload student audios to the instructor for feedback on practice exercises

  • Over 330 lessons highlighting workplace vocabulary

  • Numerous exercises to easily understand the pitch and stress rules of American English intonation

What our clients are saying....

  • “Very excellent program! Every ESL person should take this program. It will benefit them with improving quality and confidence in their day to day living.”
  • “What I learned will benefit me for my whole life!"
  • “Thank you for working with me and giving me the confidence to know that I am now well equipped to tackle new tasks."
  • “After only a few training sessions, my manager’s boss who didn’t know I was taking this training, complimented me on how my speech had greatly improved!”
  • “I feel more confident when I speak.”
  • “I would really like to recommend this program to everyone who is tired of being asked “What did you say?” or “I don’t understand you” by other people.”
  • “My speaking ability in the past has probably heavily impacted my pay and advancement. Not any more!”
  • “The program has improved my self confidence and has taught me very well on the proper way of saying words correctly – the American way!”
  • “I understand better what I was doing wrong and how to do it right. I pay more attention to my pronunciation and others’ too!”
  • “Our instructor, Barb, did a very good job analyzing my mistakes. I knew about some of them but some were new for me. But the most important is that she showed me how to correct them. I have a big problem with the “ng” sound and Barb went miles out of her way to teach me the right pronunciation. Out of many techniques, she found something that worked just for me!”

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