Accent Freedom® is an in-depth accent reduction (sometimes called accent modification or accent neutralization) software package. It was designed for individuals who speak English as their second language who wish to speak more efficiently and effectively in English by reducing their accents. Please note that this is not an ESL (English as a Second Language) curriculum that teaches vocabulary and grammar; it was written for professionals who already speak English at a moderate to advanced conversational level to improve their Standard American English pronunciation. The platform can be used as Self-Study or Instructor-Led.
ESL classes teach English vocabulary and grammar. Accent Freedom is not an ESL school and does not teach vocabulary and grammar. Accent Freedom goes beyond the content of ESL classes and focuses upon English pronunciation so you can be understood the first time you say something! For these reasons, Accent Freedom users are encouraged to have a moderate to advanced comprehension of English prior to signing up.
Non-native English speakers from all professions and language backgrounds can benefit from this program. Due to the online platform, there are no geographic limitations to use this program and/or take part in this training. Professionals living in all parts of the world can take advantage of this helpful too whether you choose self-study or instructor-led.
Definitely not! Some accents are even professionally beneficial. Accents are only a problem when the speaker is frustrated by frequently being asked to repeat, the accent interferes with communication in the workplace, or if more attention is paid to HOW something is said versus WHAT is said.
As with learning anything new, “practice makes perfect!” The more you practice, the more benefits you will receive. We recommend that you practice for one hour per day. Practicing can be broken into smaller time frames such as 30 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes over lunch, and 15 minutes in the evening. Remember, you will get out of the program what you put into it!
Language specific courses are courses that are tailored to speakers of a specific native language. For example, native Spanish speakers would have very different problem areas than a native Mandarin speaker. Streamlining your practice so you work on only the lessons that are pertinent to your particular needs saves you time.
We are adding languages all the time, but currently the languages offered are Arabic, Cantonese, English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Taiwanese, Tamil, and Telugu.
If your specific language is not listed, you have a few options. You can either pick a language that would be most similar to your native language or you can choose “other” (a course containing lessons that target areas of difficulty for most non-native speakers.) You might also want to consider our Instructor-led courses where you would receive a personal speech analysis so the lessons would be personalized just for your personal needs.
“Other” is a course containing lessons that target areas of difficulty for most non-native speakers.
Self -Study students have access to language specific lessons and can play audios and record words/sentences on the website to compare to the instructor’s pronunciation. Guided Self-Study students also have the previously mentioned capabilities and but are also allowed to upload a limited number of audios to their instructor for feedback on their progress.
These individual sessions take place through Skype or other internet based communication service. Your instructor will give you feedback on your overall speech intelligibility and point out specific pattern errors that should be addressed to make the biggest impact on improving your speech. You will have a chance to ask questions and to review problem areas where you need additional help.
Yes, this software can be accessed on your tablet or mobile phone, however, all features (including the recording / playback feature) may not be optimized with browsers other than the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
First, check your junk mail box to see if the e-mail is there. Second, as some people have more than one e-mail address, ensure that you are entering the same e-mail address in the request that you used to sign up for the program. Third, check for typos in the e-mail address that you entered.
A high speed internet connection is required as well as a microphone. A web camera is highly recommended for Instructor Led options. A headset or earbuds help with hearing minute differences between very similar sounds but are not required. Important: Please see “System Requirements”  to learn if your microphone is working and if your web browser supports usage of the Accent Freedom® system. If you will be accessing Accent Freedom and/or using Skype or WebEx from your corporate computer, please note that corporations sometimes restrict usage of new programs and require special permission to allow access on company computers. Please ask your IT department to determine the best way to allow access to Accent Freedom®, Skype and/or WebEx. (Skype and/or WebEx are only used for Instructor-Led options.)
We would be happy to discuss your company’s needs! Please contact us for more information!
Accent Freedom does not utilize this technology. Although recognizing a unique user’s pronunciation is a huge benefit in situations such as phone use and dictation, it is not as useful in perfecting pronunciation. Voice recognition software is designed to accept answers that are not pronounced 100% correct as it acclimates to the user’s specific speech patterns. Speech recognition software does not specify to the user where their problem areas occur. Accent reduction training, on the other hand, determines areas where the user’s speech deviates from Standard American English so these areas can be addressed.
There are several reasons that Accent Freedom is the #1 accent reduction software on the market:
1)    Extremely professional software – from the design to the vocabulary used in the lessons.  No childish images or cartoons.
2)   Extensive and in-depth program with over 5,000 embedded audios and 330 lessons.
3)   Language specific courses available for self-study options which saves the user valuable time by only focusing upon lessons that are pertinent to their language background.
4)   Easy to follow lessons in a progressive format each building upon previous lessons.
5)   Ability to record on the software and then compare production to the instructor’s pronunciation.
6)   Ability to upload audios to the instructor for feedback on homework (available to those who have purchased packages with this option.)
7)   Extensive instruction on American English intonation (melody of American English which includes syllable and word stress as well as pitch.)
8)   Five to six lessons per consonant and vowel sound in an easy to follow progression:  a) Description of the sound, how to make the sound, common mistakes, tips/tricks, b) contrastive listening (you need to hear the difference before you can say the difference), c) recorded single words with the target sound, d) additional single words without the aid of instructor recording, e) sentences that are phonetically loaded with the target sound, and f) contrastive sentences (both the wrong word and the target word in the same sentence).
9)   Other speech professionals have the ability to use Accent Freedom with their own clientele.  Personalized instructor area where instructor stores their own clients’ information and are able to assign specific courses and lessons, as well as listen (and provide feedback) to audios submitted by their clients.
10)  Licensing agreements available to corporations.
11) Instructors are available should you need additional assistance.  (Additional fees apply.)
 12) Developed by a seasoned accent reduction specialist who is a native English speaker and holds a master’s degree in speech/language pathology.